Auto Trend builds a trust bridge for those who wish to realize car purchase-sale in Northern Cyprus!

Auto Trend, a brand of Döveç Group, which has put its signature under qualified works for exactly 30 years, has accordingly made it its mission to give high-quality services, takes care of the interests of the parties in car buying and selling processes in Northern Cyprus and with its expert team, it accompanies its customers during the whole process for a smooth shopping experience.

If you do not want to make a lot of effort to sell your car, or if you do not have time to allocate for it, come to Auto Trend, and your car is easily matched with the right buyer! Similarly, you do not need to pound the pavements of Northern Cyprus for the car you've dreamed of buying! A new or a second-hand car, which will meet your needs and will match your dreams, definitely exists in Auto Trend!

The most trusted car purchase-sale address in Northern Cyprus

Auto Trend, araba alıcılarını da satıcılarını da mağdur etmeyecek bir politika çerçevesinde hizmet vermektedir. Bu kapsamda Kıbrıs’ta araba alım satımı yapmak için başvuruda bulunulabilecek yegâne adres, Auto Trend’dir. Auto Trend, en uygun fiyatlarla hizmet eder, bunun yanı sıra bünyesinde satışa çıkan tüm araçlar için motor ve şanzıman garantisi verir.

If you want to sell your car, you can come to our store in Famagusta and tell us this request of yours, and if you accept the price, that we will determine following the evaluation of our experts, you can entrust your car to us to bring it together with its new owner.

In order to decide which car to buy, there are two ways you can follow: You can check out the vehicles, that are up for sale under the Auto Trend guarantee, and compare them on the web address, or you can come to Auto Trend's showroom in Famagusta to explore them in person. In both cases, we invite you to our office so that we can start purchasing procedures.

Buyers! If you could not see the car with the features, that you were looking for, among our vehicles on sale, we would like to remind you that Auto Trend also receives special orders. You just specify the brand and model information and the features that you want in the car. It is our job to bring the car, even if it is on the other end of the world!

Although there exist many companies, that buy and sell cars in Northern Cyprus, do not forget that Auto Trend is a part of Döveç Group and that it minds this in every step it takes! Our assurance is our name!