If you are looking for cars on sale in Northern Cyprus, do not make your decision without stopping by Auto Trend!!

If you like to travel, take trips, or if you have to travel hundreds of miles every day due to work, a car means much more than a vehicle, that gets you from A to B. Therefore, if you do not want to beat a path to the mechanics’ doors with your investment, do not finalize your search for cars on sale in Northern Cyprus without meeting Auto Trend. With the industrial experience, guaranteed services, and its staff, that are experts in their fields, Auto Trend supports those who are looking for cars on sale in Northern Cyprus!

In Northern Cyprus, it is possible for you to reach cars on sale in various price ranges, but Auto Trend provides the best price guarantee for the vehicles that it offers! Auto Trend, which offers the easiest solutions to access quality at affordable prices, appeals to all with its wide range of vehicles and carries out engine and transmission guaranteed sales! If you want your investment is worth the performance you will get, we invite you to Auto Trend!

If The Car, That You are Looking for, Does not Exist among the Cars On Sale in Northern Cyprus

Auto Trend, a Döveç Group company, is a brand, that sells new and second-hand vehicles in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and continuously renews itself in order to strengthen its position among the best companies in its sector. In this context, Auto Trend has also added special order cars to these services, hence it has been bringing people together with the vehicles of their dreams.

People, who cannot find a car with the features that they are looking for among the cars on sale in Northern Cyprus, reach Auto Trend and create a request, and Auto Trend meets these requests thanks to its links in other countries! You just name it! Auto Trend brings you the vehicle of your choice as soon as possible, without any problems in customs and transfer.

The Possibility to Exchange Your Own Car With Your Choice of Cars on Sale

If you have a vehicle and want to exchange it with a new vehicle, you can apply to Auto Trend; you can carry out the exchange transactions smoothly, after confirming the exchange value and the offer to be provided by the Auto Trend specialist, who is an expert in his/her field, and also agreeing with the seller


If you are looking for cars on sale in Northern Cyprus, do not make your decision without stopping by Auto Trend! !