What to Take Care of in-Vehicle Purchasing in Northern Cyprus?

The point that you have to primarily pay attention to, while you are purchasing a vehicle in Northern Cyprus, is working with a reliable dealer. If the vehicle, that you will purchase, is not guaranteed, it is useful to have it seen by a mechanic. Afterwards, you need to examine the vehicle's cob carefully. The answers to the questions of who officially owns the vehicle, whether there are any mortgages should be sought. It should also be ensured that the navigation and inspection documents are up-to-date. In addition, officially becoming the owner of the vehicle as soon as possible will prevent potential problems in the future.


Are Vehicles Purchased from Auto Trend Guaranteed?

The vehicles that you purchase from Auto Trend are guaranteed for a certain period of time. The first service and maintenance are done by our company free of charge. The qualified sales representative informs the buyer about the engine and transmission warranty periods while introducing the vehicle.


Can I Utilize My Old Vehicle in an Exchange?

You can utilize your vehicle in exchange in Auto Trend. Our Expert examines your vehicle and determines the value of the exchange and presents his/her proposal. In case both parties agree, the sales procedures of the vehicle take place mutually.


Can I Receive the Vehicle I Purchased Immediately?

Secondhand registered vehicles are delivered upon completion of the transfer procedures. Vehicles without registration plate are delivered after customs procedures and vehicle registration procedures are completed. This may take a few business days. In addition, Auto Trend prefers to deliver vehicles after completing their cleaning and maintenance.


How Can I Reach Detailed Information about a Vehicle I am Interested in?

Auto Trend officers provide instant feedback to our customers on many platforms. You can get detailed information by filling the proposal form on our website, sending an e-mail, receiving live support, or calling by phone about the vehicle you are interested in. But to get the most accurate information, we invite you to have a coffee in our office.

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